What is urethral dilatation?

In this procedure, the stricture in the urethra is dilated with instruments. Dilation of urethral stricture is not usually curative, but it tractures the scar tissue of the stricture and temporarily enlarges  the lumen.  As healing occurs, the scar tissue reforms.


  • Can be done either under topical or under IV sedation
  • The urethra is lubricated
  • A filiform is passed down the urethra and gently manipulated through the narrow area into the bladder under visual guidance
  • A follower is then attached to filiform and the area is then gradually dilated
  • Foley catheter may be placed to allow healing and also stop bleeding

After the procedure:

  • You may have a foley catheter in the urethra  draining your bladder
  • We will teach you how to empty your bladder and take care of Foley catheter
  • You may have some bleeding along side of the catheter from your penis-it is common
  • You may have some pain, so please take the pain medications
  • Please drink plenty of fluids
  • Follow-up visit in one week to remove the catheter
  • Please take all antibiotic tablets prescribed for you

Call our office if:

  • There is excessive bleeding or pain
  • Unable to drain your bladder